Fishing Lake Mulwala

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The most popular species targeted by anglers in Lake Mulwala are Murray cod and golden perch. The legal sized Murray cod caught by anglers is between 55-75cm. Larger specimens measuring over the magical 1m mark are also caught and released each year. The average-sized golden perch is around 40cm.


Kyffin Reserve is another area that has become increasingly popular in recent years.


The Woodlands area is located in the centre of the lake. This has a mixture of some very good trolling and casting areas.


Majors is located at the top end of the lake and it has a good mixture of both good trolling and casting areas.


The Everglades in the top section of the lake is popular with those anglers who like casting into shallow areas.


Boating is probably the preferred way to fish, as it allows more options with bait, lure casting and trolling, but the shore based angler will also do well with much of the shoreline accessible and productive.


Lake Mulwala target species:

  • Murray Cod
  • Yellow Belly
  • Redfin
  • Murray Crays
  • Carp


Fishing is one of the most peaceful and rewarding of all outdoor sports.


Whether you're spending time with family and friends or fishing solo, fishing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

Once you feel a tug on the line or feel the line start to be taken Your Hooked.